Thursday, February 18, 2010

When dreams become a reality, reality becomes more real than ever before

When people ask me whether I believe in true love, i'll say, "Not yet". Because deep down inside, i know true love does exist, even in this hypocritical and materialistic world today.

How bout' you guys? Do you believe in cheesy true love?

I believe there is someone made for everyone in this world - it is whether you can find him/her. I've seen people not being able to find their soul mate and i've also seen people who are so in love even after 30 years of marriage. That to me, is enough to believe my soul mate is out there. I don't want to be the scary old lady with 20 cats and no man in her life. But as for right now, I'm focusing on something i know it is worth fighting for - my career. Love come first no doubt, but there is a saying, "Why rush love?", so i'll work on my future career while love wait. :)

Wonder what's with all the love-cheesy-thingie talk? Well, because right now, i'm as happy as a jelly bean! And nooo, i'm not in love (even if i was, i won't be blogging about it).


I've been waiting for this day to happen. I'm so happy for her. It's quite predictable really. Because from the beginning, they've been talking about buying a house together and getting married, etc, etc... But they didn't really make anything official. They have been dating for 6 years? I think. I lost track on my sister's dating life but i know it's been very long.......

On her birthday last week, she had lunch with us (mom, dad, and me) and for dinner, as usual, she celebrated with her BF *ehem* and her friends at BubbaGump. It was a normal night, although according to my sis, she sense some nervous vibe from her BF. Like TGI Fridays, birthday people are expected to stand on the chair and sing a song of their choice. Right after she sang "I Believe I Can Fly", her BF help her off her chair, knelt down with a ring in hand and gave the most romantic speech i ever heard (well, i wasn't there but it feels like i was there when my sis spilled the beans)! My sister was in "awe" and tears, she couldn't even say "yes". She just gave him a hug and continued crying. Awwwwww................. I feel like i'm writing a romance novel or something.

So.. was it a yes from her?


I'm so happy for her. The most classic thing she did was, she MMS me a picture of the ring. I mean, come on - the least she could do is call us. MMS??? Seriously, what has technology done to us?

Anyway, i'm so, so happy for her. My parents handled it better - they didn't even react to it! They were like, "Expected already lah...". Hahaha!

So, i guess we have a wedding to plan next year?

One thing's for sure, the lovebirds have my blessing. :') *sobz*


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Vivienne said...

o.o I needed to read thrice to confirm it is you who wrote me a comment.

OMG! I love your blog! And thank you. My sister is already married, last 2 months ago.

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