Thursday, February 18, 2010

When dreams become a reality, reality becomes more real than ever before

When people ask me whether I believe in true love, i'll say, "Not yet". Because deep down inside, i know true love does exist, even in this hypocritical and materialistic world today.

How bout' you guys? Do you believe in cheesy true love?

I believe there is someone made for everyone in this world - it is whether you can find him/her. I've seen people not being able to find their soul mate and i've also seen people who are so in love even after 30 years of marriage. That to me, is enough to believe my soul mate is out there. I don't want to be the scary old lady with 20 cats and no man in her life. But as for right now, I'm focusing on something i know it is worth fighting for - my career. Love come first no doubt, but there is a saying, "Why rush love?", so i'll work on my future career while love wait. :)

Wonder what's with all the love-cheesy-thingie talk? Well, because right now, i'm as happy as a jelly bean! And nooo, i'm not in love (even if i was, i won't be blogging about it).


I've been waiting for this day to happen. I'm so happy for her. It's quite predictable really. Because from the beginning, they've been talking about buying a house together and getting married, etc, etc... But they didn't really make anything official. They have been dating for 6 years? I think. I lost track on my sister's dating life but i know it's been very long.......

On her birthday last week, she had lunch with us (mom, dad, and me) and for dinner, as usual, she celebrated with her BF *ehem* and her friends at BubbaGump. It was a normal night, although according to my sis, she sense some nervous vibe from her BF. Like TGI Fridays, birthday people are expected to stand on the chair and sing a song of their choice. Right after she sang "I Believe I Can Fly", her BF help her off her chair, knelt down with a ring in hand and gave the most romantic speech i ever heard (well, i wasn't there but it feels like i was there when my sis spilled the beans)! My sister was in "awe" and tears, she couldn't even say "yes". She just gave him a hug and continued crying. Awwwwww................. I feel like i'm writing a romance novel or something.

So.. was it a yes from her?


I'm so happy for her. The most classic thing she did was, she MMS me a picture of the ring. I mean, come on - the least she could do is call us. MMS??? Seriously, what has technology done to us?

Anyway, i'm so, so happy for her. My parents handled it better - they didn't even react to it! They were like, "Expected already lah...". Hahaha!

So, i guess we have a wedding to plan next year?

One thing's for sure, the lovebirds have my blessing. :') *sobz*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Teapot Cafe - Alas!

Finally! After so long, i finally got a chance to take pictures of food again! It was my sis's birthday last Friday and we wanted to go to Happy Days to celebrate but changed of plans. We went to Teapot Cafe located in SS2.

This restaurant was here for a very long time. So long that i can't even remember! This modest little cafe was opened by a Malaysian Datin (this story is according to my mom) who loves collecting all sorts of teapots from all around the world. From miniature pots to a pot shaped of a duck, this little eatery has all 4 walls of teapots.

This cafe is not high-class nor low-class, it has an ambiance of coziness and quietness to it. I always wanted to try this place but didn't have a reason to walk in. Just few days ago, i finally set foot to this cafe and i love it! The word i use to describe this place is modest. There is something about the modesty of this cafe that i just love. And i also love the cottage feeling of the cafe.

Alrite', let's talk food and service now.

The Service:
According to my sis who been there twice, said that the service is quite slow when there is a lot of people but the day i when, the service was quite satisfying. They serve their customers with a glass of water each as a complimentary.

The waitress is quite friendly and she's willing to explain the dish to you. So, the service for Teapot Cafe on the scale of 5 is 4.

The Food:

Ice Lemon Tea
Yeah.. I know. I go to Teapot Cafe and not order their tea?
However, their ice lemon tea is not the same as the rest.
You can actually taste the difference in the tea they use.
Their version to me is better cuz the tea they use is better.

Watermelon Juice
Not bad but personally, it is quite diluted.

Nescafe Coffee
Ain't a fan of coffee.
But i suppose, it's Nescafe coffee so, nothing special.

Egg Sandwich - Toasted
At first i thought it was just a small portion but when it came,
I got a shock!
Can't beat my mom's egg sandwich but this one is not
too bad either.

Chilli Fried Rice
Not really spicy as i thought it would be.
However, nothing special about it. It's not horrible,
just nothing "Wow" to it. Nicely fried, the rice is not too
hard or soft. I do wish the ikan billis (anchovies) to be crispier.

Fried Kuey Teow
Ginormous portion! That was my first thought.
Compared to your normal Char Kuey Teow from
mamak, this one is HUGE! I like their version - not too
salty, not too tasteless. Just the right amount of chewiness
and sweetness that I like.

Fish & Chips
Oh my! I finally found my favourite Fish and Chips!
Just the right amount for me. Their tartar sauce is delious!
The fish is rolled with breadcrumbs and then fried. Crispy!
Unlike some stores where their fish is smaller than it looks,
this one is "what you see is what you get" kinda fish.
The chips is just nice to the thickness and saltiness.

Chocolate Cake
What's a meal without dessert right?
Classic piece of cake - i find it kept too long actually.
The texture of the chocolate is not as smooth
which is an indication that it was kept too long.
But besides the freshness, the cake is yummy.

Overall, some of the food is so-so. I will come back to this place again just for the fish and chips and the atmosphere that i fell in love with. A recommended place for those who, like me, been around SS2 but have not tried this place, people who needs a little R&R and also for people to bring their moms to for a late branch. Perfect atmosphere.

P.S.: This is based in personal liking and taste. It may vary with different people.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Just so you know

I'm finally in the mood to blog again. Alrite, you may have heard this thousand times from other blogs but unlike them, i have a very valid reason. :)

One of my college assignments at the moment is well, BLOGGING! (omg! that's so easy.............)

Think again!

Image from Flickr

This assignment is not just about writing what you ate today or where have you been, etc. And you know what? It's nothing even close to that! My group mates and I have to blog about computer stuff. Yes, laugh all you want. As part of my Web technology subject, the lecturer chose to teach us coding through blogging. And now he officially made me have no time for my OWN! But i do have to thank him for all the wonderful tips about blogging. Soon, this blog will go through another revamp.

My life is basically pretty normal and seem to be back at where i left off for internship. One word=Stress. Assignments after assignments kept pouring in like how i drink water. The best part of it - it's all due before Chinese New Year. Madness, i tell you. All of a sudden the lecturers became more hardworking.

Me and my classmates have to literally run an exhibition next, next month or rather next month since it's almost 45 minutes to February 1st. Quite an exciting project.

Few days ago, i was going through some pictures and i realized how much i miss MYC!. Honestly, i had a blast working there. The people there is just pure fun and amazing. *sigh* I need a visit there. (Wait.. what's the password entry again?)

I'm here blabbing about myself and sorry if i bore you but hey, they didn't call this "Your Blog" for nothing right?

The next few months this blog will probably be inactive or about assignments, assignments, assignments...

But if you're interested, you may visit my project blog at to read about internet memes. Trust me, it's much more interesting that how it sounds.